School Access

Welcome to the School Registration Page

This page allows you to register your school and provide several key pieces of information for the fair.  After you have registered, you can also use this page to provide feedback about the school's experience with/at the fair.


  1. Choose your school from the drop down box and enter your access code.
    • HRSB SCHOOLS - Your access code is your school’s 3 or 4-digit provincial ID. Provincial IDs can be obtained from school administration.
    • INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS – Your access code is the last four digits of your school’s main phone number.
  2. If your school’s access code does not work, please contact Alexander MacDougall at 
  3. Once you are in the school access page:
    • Check and correct the school information
    • Enter the name and contact information for your school's science fair contact
  4. Once the screen says School information successfully updated, your school is successfully registered for the upcoming HSTE.

Note: Schools do not need to login in order to have students register from their school. Students can register by going to the Participant Registration Page. The only benefit of logging in is to update your school contact information or submit feedback.:
   Participant Registration

Please login below by selecting your school and entering your school Access Code that you received in your package

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